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Individually operated, acoustically insulated, fully retractable are just three phrases used to describe our movable partitions. As the name suggests all the products found in our 85, 100 & 110 series deliver high performance and easy to operate movable partition systems. With acoustic insulation up to 56dB, their noise reducing capabilities make our movable walls the ideal option for hotels, conference centres, educational establishments, offices and training areas, areas that so commonly falter on the room configuration front.

Available in three thicknesses – 85mm, 100mm and 110mm – and with acoustic ratings of between 37dB and 56dB, each and every one of our moveable wall products is built to last and designed to maximise the functionality and flexibility of spaces of all shapes and sizes.

Our high specification range uses the latest and greatest technology so main contractors, architects and end-users can reap the rewards of fully accredited, UK made products. We manufacture all products in our range, including our moving partitions, in-house so you can harness better value, the highest standards and ultimate peace of mind.

The movable walls in our 85, 100 & 110 series come equipped with operable seals which, when retracted, deliver an effortless gliding motion during operation. With our moving partitions there is no need to fit a floor guide, instead the unique aluminium overhead track system does all the hard work for you. Thanks to this track and carrier system, our movable partitioning walls have found homes in various environments to unlock the smart and space friendly solutions that commercial clients everywhere crave. Available in a selection of surface finishes, our moveable walls have the aesthetic appeal and functionality to work well in any space.

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Series 85 100 110
Acoustic Rating dB (Rw) 37 – 42 39 – 50 37 – 56
Acoustic Rating STC 37/43 47/53 37/57
Thickness (mm) 85 100 110
Weight kg/m2 35/43 45/55 36/55
Max Panel Height (mm) 6000 Any Any
Max Opening Width Any Any Any
Max Panel Widths (mm) 600 – 1250 600 – 1250 600 – 1250
Panel Construction / Frame Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium / Steel
Panel Construction / Seal Operable Operable Operable
Panel Construction / Outer Particle Board Particle Board Particle Board
Track System / Ceiling
Track System / Floor






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In addition to our standard finishes, we are able to coat the surface of all panels using any bespoke colour of your choice. Additionally, we can cover surfaces in printed graphics giving you the option to transform your partition into a work of art.

Standard Finishes